Are you interested in developing your intuition but don't know where to start? Are you currently in a time of transition, feeling lost and unsure how to move forward? Or are you seeking a safe container to heal the wounds that hid your magick and bring your gifts back to the surface?

Your intuition has brought you to the right place. In healing, everything will ignite.


Sharing what I learned during my reawakening, we will clear stagnant energy, build your intuition, magic, and passion in a safe and supportive container. Leaving you with a unique set of skills to navigate this world and manifest your desires. 

It is time to tap into your medicine, power, and bliss. Your system is calling to heal and see the potential that lies beneath.


I couldn’t have anticipated the beauty, uniqueness and profound effects of my session with Beth when we first booked it. Beth has a truly unique style that I had never experienced before. She blends different modalities seamlessly and delivers a gentle yet powerful experience.


Each session is unique, but in our first session, Beth incorporated tarot cards, crystals, herbs and sounds. At the end, she delivered a beautiful package that included photographs of the setup with all elements used (cards, crystals, etc.), a beautifully put-together note with all highlights, as well as a high-quality audio file of the entire session. It was truly beautiful and a genuine sign of her level of attention and care.


Perhaps due to her easy-going personality and light and at times bubbly energy, Beth made me feel safe and at home right away. She is undoubtedly gifted at the art of connecting people and spirit, demonstrating deep intuition and clear insight. Perhaps most importantly, the way she communicates throughout the session sort of paints a picture of everything she’s seeing. It’s incredible and I can’t quite put it into words. It’s such a unique experience that perhaps one needs to go through it oneself to fully understand what I’m saying.


I will most definitely work with Beth again in the future and highly recommend her services.
– Eliana | Los Angeles, California

Beth's offering is one of the most unique healings that I've ever received. I love how she integrated shamanism, energy healing, chakra clearing, channeling, crystal work, and her own intuitive guidance into one session. It was amazing to receive healing work where all of these modalities were brought together with such fluidity. Everything that Beth shared with me during the reading resonated so intimately as well. To hear her words being reflected back on how I have exactly been feeling in my life was truly enjoyable. I was smiling from ear-to-ear, crying, and I just felt so uplifted. She tapped so beautifully into my soul and there was such an ease to the way that she went about it. I feel so honored to have received her gifts and I look forward to working with her in the future. Thank you, Beth! – Christen | Seattle, Washington

Beth is hella powerful! Her reading was so deep and so profound, it blew me away! I could feel her working on my chakra system when listening to the audio recording. She cleared away some serious blocks and gave me actionable advice to work on. Highly, highly recommend Beth’s work! – Corinne | Columbus, Ohio 

My experience with Beth was really incredible. Beth has a gift where she’s very rooted and grounded in this world yet is able to connect into messages from spirit guides and past life versions of me, which was pretty amazing. She has a very grounded quality so I felt very safe with her, which is the most important thing when working with a medium. You have to feel safe with them; so you can trust Beth. 


Also what she does that’s very unique is she’s able to go into your body, release energy, and tap into messages in that area of the body that you need to receive. I’m a yoga teacher and aware of how the body holds and stores stress, tension, and anxiety. It’s hard enough knowing where we are holding tension from this life experience, but Beth is able to see inside you and see where you’re holding tension, stress, and trauma, and joy too, within this body and she’s able to release it and bring it to the surface. You feel really clear and open. 


I’ve worked with psychics and mediums where you’re channeling all this information and it resonates at the time, but you are left with all of it, floating around the crown chakra, and is easily lost. With Beth, you integrate the information into the body so once you absorb the messages, you are able to bring your full-self, full-body, and full-spirit out into the world. 


It’s really unique, and amazing - like I said I’ve worked with psychics, mediums, and healers before and I haven’t experienced anything quite like what Beth is doing. So book a session with her! Peace and love. – Ben | Providence, Rhode Island

My session with Beth was absolutely beautiful! Beth is a powerful healer and channel. When I received the transcript & recording, I appreciated how she personalized every aspect of my session. Her insights were on point and the energy work was very effective. She also provided guidance for me to continue my healing in the coming days. She utilized her unique gifts and talents to reflect my soul back to me. It was a deep and rare experience, that I will treasure. I was very impressed by her holistic approach, and the care she took during my session. She offered me much needed clarity and perspective on my past, present, and future. Thank you Beth!! – Mary | Vancouver, British Columbia




Reiki Master.

Liberate your feral, magickal soul.

In diving to the depths of her Shadow, Beth of Galactic Seer pulled forward her inner strength, intuition, and buried magickal gifts. During that isolated time, she decided there needs to be a safe space for artists, weirdos, and intuitives to thrive, thus Galactic Seer was born.

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