Are you interested in developing your intuition but don't know where to start? Are you currently in a time of transition, feeling lost and unsure how to move forward? 

Your intuition has brought you to the right place. In healing, everything will ignite.


Sharing what I learned during my reawakening, we will clear stagnant energy, build your intuition, magic, and passion in a safe and supportive container. Leaving you with a unique set of skills to navigate this world and manifest your desires. 

It is time to tap into your medicine, power, and bliss. Your system is calling to heal and see the potential that lies beneath.





Liberate your feral, magickal soul.

In diving to the depths of her Shadow, Beth of Galactic Seer pulled forward her inner strength, intuition, and buried magickal gifts. During that time of discovery, she decided there needed to be a safe space for brave intuitives to thrive, thus Galactic Seer was born.

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Beth gave me an extensive reading prior to the birth of my child. She tuned into my womb chakra and was able to offer messages about the energy of my son, as well as the support of my ancestral mothers. It was incredibly comforting and helpful in preparation for the birthing process.


More than that, Beth helped me to understand how my own intuition worked. I have never called myself a psychic as I just don’t get clear downloads like many people I know. However, Beth helped me recognize how messages come through for me, and gave me exercises for how to tune into it more.


Thank you Beth!

Pittsburg, PA, USA


Woooow! Beth facilitated the most magical crystal chakra soul transformation. We journeyed the depths of the earth meeting helpful spirits excited to work with me, communicated, healed (and negotiated) with my ancestors, and took a galactic voyage to bridge cosmos and earth so that I may materialize the concepts floating in the ether. Such a powerful reading that has given me a map and compass to create my vision for this world. A wave of vital information that took a few days to process, but well worth the trip! 

Much love!

Ethelbert, CANADA


The talented multi-dimensional oracle Beth GENEROUSLY lead me through an intergalactic reading! She abundantly called in guides, the 4 directions, angels, and my dear Grandfather pulled crystals and walked through each chakra tuning into what it resonated with and what it wanted me to know.

It was such a rich experience and my favorite moment was when she tuned into my grandfather who recalled a sweet memory of me dancing as a little girl, and eating bread together at the table. I was overwhelmed with love and teared up to hear about his presence. INVALUABLE GIFT!


Beth's witchy and crystal clear insights are spot on! You are a lucky human if you cross paths with her and her gifts.


Thank you lovely Beth for extending your gift.

Red Hook, NY, USA


I’d never experienced a chakra clearing before my session with Beth, so I wasn’t sure what I might expect going into it. From the very start however, Beth was incredibly communicative about the nuances of the process, suggesting intention setting prior to our meeting, walking me through how she would be conducting the clearing and explaining each crystal used, all with a warmth and energy that made me feel comfortable asking questions or for greater elaboration. I felt very taken care of from start to finish.

As for the reading and clearing itself—I was incredibly moved by the insights and guidance she was able to channel for each chakra, tearing up at nearly each one with not only her words, but by the powerful energy I could feel between us throughout. Beth’s ability to dig deep and offer reassurances, wisdom and intuitions, – to be frank – blew me away. As someone “new” to this kind of healing modality, I can absolutely say that my first experience with it was a meaningful and magical one thanks to Beth.

Los Angeles, CA, USA