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Hello, I am Beth, the Galactic Seer.
I am a channel for galactic wisdom and a healer and mentor, bringing your Universal guidance into your everyday life. 


Ever since I could remember, I’ve seen a person’s essence and gifts. A little intimidating at parties, perhaps, but people tell me I see right into their soul. 


This innate talent allows me to immediately discover your unique magick and mediumship in sessions. 


Usually, people come to me after they have been told they cannot channel, that ‘not everyone can be a medium,’ or that they are ‘too blocked’ to connect. Completely untrue. Together, we will hold space for the nay-sayers and the witch wounds and collaborate to grow a unique practice that will work for you.

I will reconnect you to your lost intuition and wild, badass self. 


Work with me to lift the fog of uncertainty so you can experience life as you’re meant to experience it: from a place of playfulness, personal power, and fearless flow.

“I have worked with quite a few counselors/coaches/teachers that have helped me grow in different ways, but I have to say: the speed at which I have cleared things away and developed a deep inner knowing with Beth has been incredible!"

Catherine, TX

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