Hello, I am Beth, the Galactic Seer.
I am a channel for galactic wisdom, a healer and mentor, bringing your Universal guidance into your everyday life and consciousness.


I will reconnect you to your lost intuition and your wild, badass self. You will begin moving through this world with more clarity and less fear, the fog of uncertainty lifted, so you can experience life from a place of personal power.


As a channel, I guide clients to their internal voice, allowing messages of healing and insight from the beyond to assist them every day. After one session, my clients start to experience an expansive ‘flow’ state, leading them closer to their genuine internal trust.


Through personalized guided meditations, given to me by my galactic/spirit team - my clients connect to their body’s energy centers, and deepen their relationship with Spirit Guides. My guides also provide meditations for creativity, connecting to energy centers (like the third eye, throat or solar plexus). These are available for download.


Ever since I could remember, I’ve been able to see a person’s essence and gifts. A little intimidating at parties, perhaps, but people tell me I see right into their soul. 


This innate talent allows me to immediately discover your unique magick and mediumship in sessions. 


Usually, people come to me after they have been told they cannot channel, that ‘not everyone can be a medium,’ or that they are ‘too blocked’ to connect. Completely untrue. Together, we will hold space for the nay-sayers and the witch wounds, and collaborate to grow a unique practice that will work for you.


I came to this work after a wild Saturn Return, which I almost did not survive. I knew, deep in my soul, that there had to be a better life than living with daily pain, anxiety, and fear. I decided to turn within, reconnect to my magick, and listen to my body - witnessing trauma and blocks that needed to be set free. 


Slowly I began to trust myself in ways I had never imagined possible. As the trauma released from my system, I felt my energetic flow and newfound power. I started to learn to love myself, allowing internal judgment to subside. My Spirit Guides and Ancestors introduced themselves, inviting forth my magic and inspiring me to share it with others, like you, who desire more peace and connection to mystic realms in their lives.


I would love to learn more about you, your dreams, and your desires.


I humbly offer you the gift of thirty minutes - we will connect, then ground and reclaim your energy. If you feel the call to infuse your life with magic and see it grow in wild and profound ways, book a call right now. 


I promise no sales, only a taste of what it is like to work with me.


If you are interested in channeling, mediumship and Magickal tips; are interested in galactic workshops; and want to be in the know when new meditations are released, join my list for the Galactic Visions newsletter. I send it inconsistently - mainly following the cycle of the moons or when events are happening.

When you sign up for Galactic Visions, you will receive a gift - my guide to building a daily practice that will nurture your mystical gifts. It’s a great way to kick off your daily routine and will develop the depth of magic in your world.