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Reveal is a 3-Month intuition and trust-building process designed to unearth your gifts, reclaim what is yours, and Reveal your intuitive powers to yourself and the world. 

Born out of my own awakening experience, Reveal allows you to safely explore your unique abilities with a group of like-minded people. 

The process will guide you through monthly topics, supported by meditations, journal prompts, and other varying materials. You will learn to trust your inner authority and talents, build a foundation of energy protection, learn how to connect to your spirit guides, ancestors, and move between the realms.

Together we can meet you where you are and add healing to your awakening, a place to process and share your experience to not feel isolated or alone in your growth.

Duration: Sessions are two hours meeting 3x a month with one week for integration each month.

Size: Limited to groups of 6.

Dates: Choice of either Sunday at 11 am PT or Wednesday at 6:00 pm PT. 


A sneak peek into the group process...

The Clairs: Learn about the different ways you are receiving information from your intuition and guidance team so you can finally decipher all of the messages and benefit from the guidance.

Building Your Intuition: Build trust in your inner guidance and say goodbye to self-betrayal.


Ego vs. Intuition: Hear the whisper within and know the difference between fear and intuition so you can make conscious decisions from a place of calm knowing.


Energy Protection: Discover how to clear your energy to set yourself up for success as you begin to connect to others, spirit guides, and ancestors. It prevents fatigue, burnout and allows you to show up in the way you truly desire.


Spirit Realm Boundaries: Boundaries are essential in all realms. Learn about how you have power in the relationship with spirits, are allowed to say no, and set up a beneficial system for both parties. 


To learn more about Reveal, don't hesitate to get in touch and set up a Free Hour Clarity Session. In the session, we will discuss all the themes for the 3-months, your personal path until now, and how the group process will support you.


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