The key to unlocking your gifts is within you.

Is it hard for you to take time for yourself? Does it seem like something always comes up preventing you from pursuing the dreams in the back of your mind?


When we are not in our power, we feel stressed, anxious, drained, reaching others for validation because we do not see it within ourselves. To add to it, most of us were taught as children that we were too much - too sensitive, too quiet, too loud. The list goes on. So we adapt, set aside our needs, and shrink from the world.


In those moments when we step out of our power, we hold that initial hurt in our bodies. The trauma can manifest as anxiety, pain, knots, and difficulty in releasing stress. 


In my Galactic Focus Sessions, I empower you to come back to yourself through embodiment practices. Utilizing Transpersonal Energy Clearing, we sink back into your body, ask what its needs are and how to support it. We collaborate to set a strong foundation, boundaries, and energetic protection. We then go into your core wounds and limiting beliefs, witness them, and aid in releasing them from your body, resulting in feeling centered like you found your internal compass, clarity around goals/dreams, and love. 


Does this resonate? Would you like to find more clarity and ease the fog of confusion and doubt in your life? Take the first step for yourself and set up an Hour Clarity Call. It’s free, and in it, I will show a sampling of what the sessions will look and feel like, what to expect and what your goals are for our time together. 

If diving in is more your speed, book a one off session to experince what the 13-week program would entail.